Monday, October 01, 2007

Mr. Greenjeans visits Pleasantville

I had a scrumptious weekend...yay!

Saturday, I went to the Knit and Crochet Show with my awesome friend, Roklobster(She's so cool! Yay for getting to hang out with her :) ), and bought a bunch of scrumptious yarn :) Malabrigio was mine! My first skein of yarn with cashmere in it(merino/cashmere blend)...Mine! Loverly wool/silk blend with no tags...a total steal for 4 large balls in a bag...all mine! I also got a HUGE Lion Brand shopping bag with free yarn from Lion Brand and Coats & Clark. Three cheers for free yarn! Even if some of it was NEON FUSCIA! I kid you not.

Besides the amazing yarny goodness at the show, I cast on and started knitting on my VERY FIRST SWEATER ever :D *gleam* I'm using Dark Horse Fantasy yarn in a multi-green colorway. It is just so very cool to be making a sweater :D All weekend, I would put the little 2-inch strip around my shoulders where it will end up and announce to Scot, "Look! I'm wearing my sweater!" :D

This is the whole project as of last night. I did about 6 more rows today at lunch! It's a great, easy pattern and I'm really enjoying knitting it :) The yarn doesn't look nearly as "Camoflage" in real life, lol.

Look! It has shoulders :D (This tickles me to no end). As I had to tell Scot, It's a top-down raglan, so those holes are on purpose, lol.

But, sadly, this one is not. It's NOT a dropped stitch...I think it's just a really big, loose stitch, so I have to figure out how to fix it...maybe move the slack on that stitch along with a crochet hook and share it out with the whole row. I think that's what you're supposed to do :P

Other than knitterly yarny things, Scot and I watched a LOT of Bones episodes, since the 2nd season was finally released and Netflix sent them to us :) I sure love that show...all science geeky and smart and ridiculously funny and just smart. We had lots of groovy home cookin' and took a long bike ride around Alameda.

A few days before, Scot found this street....she calls it Pleasantville :) It was a showroom model block for the Sterling Lumber Company after the war. Returning soldiers would go to that block, look at the model homes and buy the one they wanted. The row of model homes are still there, now occupied like regular houses. But, for this one block of houses (all beautiful, well-maintained craftsmen homes), it's like you've stepped back in time. Walking down the street, everyone says hi to you. Everyone knows everyone else. Scot met a woman who was planting in her garden the day before and talked to her and found out that people don't even lock their house or car doors on that street. Everwhere was big porches, craftsman lines and immaculate tiny little yards.

There was a house for sale on the street (which,the gardening lady told Scot, already had a contingency offer on it) and everyone was already moved out of the house, so we skulked around the sides and the porch and the back yarn and looked inside at all the awesome built-ins and planned what we would do with the house if we were to win the lottery and buy it :) It was tons of fun.

*skulk skulk skulk*

It was really just a delightful weekend :)I hope you all had just as much fun and delight as we did :D

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