Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I finally got my Ravelry invite *squeal*

It's gonna take awhile for me to get allllll my stuff in there, but oh gosh, it's SOOO COOL!

I also love being a beta user :P It makes me feel special, even if I'm not really *cackle*

Check me out via the Ravelry link on the right!

Oh, also a quick "YOU ROCK!" shout out to my Secret Pal 10 pal who got me a pattern I've been longing for, Everyday Tweed (http://www.thegarterbelt.com/ms_tweed.html), which I do believe I shall be making for myself once I figure out what yarn to use :D

*just aglow in my happy goodies day*

I finally got pictures to prove that my LiveJournal Secret Pal 4 Pal is flat-out amazing! This is the package that I received last week :D

Here it all is, in all it's glory! Wonderful roving hand-dyed by my pal in a colorway she calls "The Great Radish Famine" after a Fraggle Rock episode *gleam* Pictures of her dying the fiber. A pattern I've been wanting for awhile now. Monkey soap, bath confetti and a duckie filled with bath gel.

Yes, it's all beautiful and wonderful. But wait! Step into this picture and blow your mind away!

Greens, oranges, rusty earthy reds....GAH! The sheer beauty and magical wonderment of this roving is just beyond words :)

As I said before, I was never one for multi-colored roving before, because I couldn't find a set of colors that suited me. Well, this suits me. This IS me....lol. If I were roving, this is what I would look like :D

Thank you SO MUCH, Secret Pal...now everyone else know what I know...that You ROCK HARD!

I was also inspired by this amazing multi-colored roving to buy some more for myself :D
Feast your eyes on THIS beauty :D

It's called Felix the Cat and I love the name as much as the roving :D It's Blue Faced Leichster (or however you spell that,) which I've never spun but have always heard dreamy things about :)

I can't wait to spin up BOTH my new multi-colored roving blobs and then I will have to bore you all with a gagillion pictures of the amazing yarn I will have made :D

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Anyone else heard of Wist?

I made an internet-wide wishlist today...no simple Amazon for me, oh no!

There's this site I've been playing with for awhile called Wist (short for Wish List) that calls itself "Social shopping." Basically, you can add ANYTHING on ANY webpage to your list.... It can be used like a favorites list, a wish list, a shopping list, anything :)

Mine is my wish list, since so little of what I want is on Amazon these days...can we say yarn?!


Yay for selfish promoting of goods! :P

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Howdy :)

My Secret Pal 10 moderator has started a new contest! She wants to see pictures of all our Works in progress :)

My oldest WIP is this purse for my sister started on the green loom in April 2006. It was supposed to be her wedding present for last June...maybe I'd better finish that up :P

Next oldest is my brown blob, as I affectionately call it :) It was supposed to be a shawl, but I cast on waaaayyy too many stitches, so now it's a lap blanket. I just have the last super soft brown stripe on the end to finish up and then I have to weave in ends and then...done!

Next is my shawl. I cast on oh...maybe 4 weeks ago?...and it was going to be for my mother for mother's day. *laugh histerically* Yeah...new plan is getting it done by her birthday in September :) It's soooooo gorgeous, though...I might end up keeping it :D Just to give you an idea of it's length, those are 60" needles and I couldn't lay it flat all out on the length of the needles :

A close up of some of the shawl :)

Finally, it's my WIP swatch! This was a swatch that I made for some top-down socks I'm going to cast-on for shortly. I started out trying several different picot cast-ons on the top, then just knit a plain ol' stockinette swatch, washed it, dried it and took my measurements. It's soooooooooooooooo soft! Can't wait to try to make the socks :D

So, that's what I'm up to these days :) I wish I was a faster knitter, I'd have more done to share!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cute pattern

Isn't this the cutest pattern?!


I may have to splurge on it next month....lol. It is just so plain and simple, yet interesting and fun. The neck would look faaabulous on me and I like the picot edges :)

I've been updating my craft links and came across it from months ago the first time I saw it.

Yay for cute designers :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bad bad leroy brown!

So, I've been sick. Not death's door sick, just sick.

I blame my lack of blogging on that. Yeah, that's why I haven't writteon on here, even though I've checked email and written on my LiveJournal *makes angelic eyes and bats eyelashes at y'all*

First of all, I have to share with you all how AMAZINGLY SPLEDIFOROUS my Secret Pal 10 Pal is!!!!!!!

I have received SO MANY little odds and edds faaaabulous goodies in the mail, it's amazing. I feel so unbelievably spoiled almost on a daily basis, it seems like. And, amazingly enough, this is just little bits and bobs, while I wait for the BIG PACKAGE in June! *bouncywigglesnort*

I've received patterns, point protectors, needles, needle holders, two pair of earrings (awesome, totally awesome earrings!), a sheep broach, and all manner of other fabulous stuff I havne't the mind to remember right now. I seriously have the BEST pal I've ever had in any swap and oh gosh, I hope she's having as amazing a time with this swap as I am :D

*bows to her greatness*

That said, what have I been knitting? Weeeelllll, I'm ever-vigilent on my massive shawl project. It's coming along swimmingly! Of course, it's about 3 inches long at this point and it was supposed to be a Mother's Day present for my mom, which was...um...yesterday...yeah, so. Maybe a birthday gift in September? *grin* I'll have to post pictures soon because the yarn is just SCRUMPTIOUS and delicious and I love the way it's knitting up!

Other than that, I did a swatch for hte first time...yes, you heard it, I made a SWATCH! *giggle* I did a few different picot cast-ons (not picot hems, mind you...cast ons!) and then knit in the yarn of choice for awhile to get gauge on the yarn and needles I am going to make my try at top-down socks with. I got 5 stitches/inch and I love the fabric it makes...soft and warm and thick but squishy. I washed it and it didn't shrink (being acrylic and all) and didn't get fuzzy. It's even softer, if that's possible!

So, on to starting the amazing little I won't give up socks I am going to try to make top-down with a cute little picot edge :D

I was supposed to post by today about where I knit for my SP10 contest.

Well, I knit wherever! My two main places are 1) when at work, I love to knit on a bench outside next to a fountain. It's so pretty and peaceful and calm. When it's too cold to be outside, I knit in "my" chair in the lunchroom with my feet up on another chair :) 2) When at home, I almost always knit on my couch, legs crossed under me. I have the TV on to keep my mind occupied while I knit and the yarn, etc. on the couch to the left on me. A glass of water on the table to the right of me. Knit, lassie, knit like the wind!

And to amuse yer eyes,