Tuesday, November 28, 2006

dreaming of needles

Last night, I dreampt that I got an email from a woman saying that an elderly lady died in the house that this woman owned and she was a knitter. If I wanted any of her needles or yarn, I should come over and go through it all.

I went over and was rummaging around and ended up leaving with gosh, close to 100 wooden and metal needles, straights and circulars. Not much yarn, though...it was almost all fun fur *dread shiver* but I did snag this awesome skein of soft furry orange and rusty red yarn to add to the needles :D

Wonder what it means when you dream about knitting and knitting stuff? That you need to be knitting more? Perhaps....

Monday, November 20, 2006

FOs :)

I spent a fair amount of time knitting the last week and especially this weekend and I have some loverly stuff to show for it :)

This is a dishcloth I made for a dishcloth exchange. It's Bernat CottonTots in color sweet green. My recipient has a light mint green kitchen, and that's pretty much exactly how I would describe this color :) I like the stitch pattern I chose. It was mailed off to her today - I hope she loves it!

This is a ridiculously easy knit scarf for my sister for Christmas. I got the yarn, Crystal Palace's Kiddo in color Violet, in the discount bin at my LYS when they were going out of business. It is her favorite colors...purple and green...and it is ridiculously soft. It was just plain ol' knit stitch on really large needles (size 17's I think) so it's loose and soft and warm and delicious. I think she's going to adore it :)

And finally, the grand prize of things I've knit thus far, my cabled purse. I've been participating in a knit purse swap for the last few months and this is what I'm sending to my secret pal!!! I am SOOOOO proud of this bag :) I love the first picture; you can see the cable definition really well there...but it's actually the color of the second picture...medium dark grey. I can't remember the name of the yarn off the top of my head, I'll post it later :)

The purse was supposed to be mailed on the 15th, lol. Oh well, it's a bit late, but I think it's worth it :) I hope she LOVES it as much as I do.... I am going to have to make another one for myself, lol :D :D :D

Next up? A few more dishcloths for christmas presents, a scarf for my mother and finishing spinning a skein of alpaca for my Aunt :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rumor Has It.....

Also, I was at Michael's this weekend and I touched Paton's Rumor yarn for the first time....

Just in case anyone might want to buy me a present *bats eyelashes* I would love some Rumor in the color "Fern Heather" *bats eyelashes*

Hello! Alpaca! ~


In love with fiber.....

I am just so excited about my project that I finished this weekend!!!

I made myself a KICK-ASS fiber arts center in my living room!!!!!! It just...gah. It's amazing...and it's not even done yet :P I ended up going with some furniture from California Closets to hold the yarn, knitting tools, spindles and fiber. It is just...there are no words for how cool it is :) I still need to get a tray to hold my knitting needles, some clear bags to hold the fiber (I bought them on eBay, waiting for their arrival) and I need to exchange the cup hooks I got for smaller ones to hang the spindles. Then, it will be officially done!

I'm excited though, so I will post some before and during pictures here to show you the progress...but I'll save the full-on amazingness for another day this week when it's complete.

I'm in LOVE with my new fiber arts center ;)

This is my living room corner before the fiber arts center was installed :) Just yer average, kinda sparce living room...and yes, that's Scot in the bottom corner :P

Then, this is my pile of yarn, AFTER purging what I didn't want, lol. I actually didn't have as much as I thought I did....

This is a sneak peak of the final product...hehe...just cause I'm one of those people who can't keep surprises :P

Monday, November 06, 2006

Octopus anyone?

I either have way too many hobbies or else I need to mutate and grow a few more arms :)

This weekend, I knit on a purse for my purse swap pal, a fun and easy scarf for my sister's christmas gift, and a dishcloth for my dishcloth swap pal. I also spun some alpaca, some opossum/wool and looked at the silk. I ALSO bought some stuff to make beaded stitch charms to hand out to swap pals and to use myself.

I'm thinkin' the octopus look is the thing ;)