Monday, November 13, 2006

In love with fiber.....

I am just so excited about my project that I finished this weekend!!!

I made myself a KICK-ASS fiber arts center in my living room!!!!!! It just...gah. It's amazing...and it's not even done yet :P I ended up going with some furniture from California Closets to hold the yarn, knitting tools, spindles and fiber. It is just...there are no words for how cool it is :) I still need to get a tray to hold my knitting needles, some clear bags to hold the fiber (I bought them on eBay, waiting for their arrival) and I need to exchange the cup hooks I got for smaller ones to hang the spindles. Then, it will be officially done!

I'm excited though, so I will post some before and during pictures here to show you the progress...but I'll save the full-on amazingness for another day this week when it's complete.

I'm in LOVE with my new fiber arts center ;)

This is my living room corner before the fiber arts center was installed :) Just yer average, kinda sparce living room...and yes, that's Scot in the bottom corner :P

Then, this is my pile of yarn, AFTER purging what I didn't want, lol. I actually didn't have as much as I thought I did....

This is a sneak peak of the final product...hehe...just cause I'm one of those people who can't keep surprises :P

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