Monday, July 30, 2007

Dishcloth bonanza

I found a circular, swirly, picot-edged dishcloth that I am in LOVE with. First off, it only takes me 2 1/2 hours to knit an entire cloth. Second, they're just amazingly cute and swirly. Third, they're really fun to knit. And fourth, they'll make great presents :D

The bright green/blue ones are for my sister's upcoming birthday (with a few solid-colored ones thrown in) and the lighter one is just going to be put aside for a possible future baby gift or swap gift :) I don't like seaming (who does?!), so I've decided to make a bunch of them and then sew them all up at one that's why it's still gaping open at you :)

I think I shall be making MANY MANY of these because they're fun and pretty and it's almost instant gratification :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Crafty mish-mash

A smattering of recent knitting/spinning/yarn acquisition...yay!

My shawl...which is almost done at this point! Two more rows to go and then I can cast off! Yahoo! I ordered some blocking wires for this one and plan on blocking it on my son's bedroom floor on a Wednesday night, since he isn't back at my home until Friday night :) Yay!

The fortune cookie o' love for my partner :) She was SO in love with it when she opened the take-out box I wrapped it in :)

Loverly medium grey wool I've been spinning really finely. Thinnest single I've ever made...I think it's in the 30-something WPI range. I have two bobbins of it, gonna do a third and try my hands at a three-ply yarn :) It's amazingly soft, as well :)

Some hand-dyed wool my Secret Pal sent me. I LOVE the colors :) Really nice singles, but I don't know how I'm gonna ply it yet. It was a bit difficult to spin...seemed clumpy and hard to draft, so I flicked and combed a length of the roving until it was separated some and easier to draft before spinning. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the colors?

I bought six skeins of this yarn...pouring over the specs to match up to a pattern I wanted to make. I agonized over the color and finally picked this lovely purple. Then, by the time it was mailed to me...I forgot what I was going to make with it : Yes, I am that dense sometimes!!!

Amazingly soft acrylic yarn...HUGE skeins...great deal :) I got this color and a medium grey and while the rust is super soft and delicious, the grey is icky and rough. Ah well. I'll find something to make out of it :)

Bought a couple different variations on tan for my fortune cookies. I ended up going with "tan," but I also got this snickerdoodle and some nutmeg :)

Yay for fiber!

Monday, July 23, 2007


All knitting and general craftiness is on hold while I read the Harry Potter book I just got today :D

That is all :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fortune cookie o' love

I finished the fortune cookie!

Which is a good thing, since my 2nd anniversary is this weekend :D

I forgot to take a picture of the finished round before felting, but here it is post-felt, with my poor attempts at blocking the felted item into a vaguely circular shape :) I was being angry and anal about it, until I realized it was going to be folded up and no one would ever know it wasn't perfectly circular :) I used Wool of the Andes in Tan. What a fun, sproingy yarn to knit with!

Here it is all happy and fortune-cookie shaped! Yay! I just need to print out the secret fortune for my sweetie and put it inside, then I'm going to wrap it up in a chinese food box and include some real fortune cookies and a gift card for Panda Express, one of her favorite chinese food places :)

Secret presents are fun :P

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been bad...

You should see the pile of new yarn I've been buying recently : A large box from Knit Picks...another large box from Webs just arrived today...I have no idea where I'm gonna put it all!

You KNOW it's bad when I remember I bought 8 balls of a really nice yarn for a specific project...but I don't remember what I bought it for now :

Yarn porn soon.....

*slightly ashamed, but feeling the nummy yarn regardless*

Monday, July 09, 2007

Recent FO and WIP

Yes, I'm still working on the shawl for my mother.

But in the meantime, I whipped this scarf out using a skein and a tad more of my Arucania Nature Cotton yarn :) My sweetie's house is cold and my neck needed something warm to cuddle with, so...voila! Quick, boring garter scarf.

Amazingly, this is the FIRST scarf I've ever knit. I know, crazy, huh?

I threw some YOs at each end so it wasn't TOTALLY boring. It's not blocked or anything, so they look a bit messy, but they're there. I can also use them as button holes and wrap it up and clasp it with a cufflink as a tighter scarf if I so chose.

Then, I CO for a fortune cookie today. You heard me right, a fortune cookie :D

It's an anniversary gift for my sweetie :) It will be knit (go, short rows, go!) and then felted and I will put something sweet and smarmy inside :)

The pattern is here:

They're SUPER easy and quick...I did those 4 wedges in the picture in about 10 minutes...and it supposeldy takes 14-15 wedges to make a circle. Then, sew up, felt and fold. Voila! A fortune cookie :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

New craft

Because I don't have enough crafty diversions to keep my occupied (insert dripping with sarcasm eye roll here), I just purchased the implements to start a NEW, yet cousin, craft!

Weaving sticks. I love weaving...took a class in loom, basket and tapestry weaving in college and it was one of my most favorite classes in all my years there. I can't afford/don't have the space for a floor loom, so I shall try some easy breezy, small equipment needs weaving :)

I figure, it might be something my 5 year old son can do as well, so we can be crafty together! Furthermore, once I get them and see how it works, I might try teaching my downs syndrome Aunt how to do it so she can have a craft to occupy her time :) She recently moved in with my mother and is bored a lot, I think. It looks fairly easy and like it doesn't require a lot of detailed finger manipulation, so I think she should be able to do it :)

Yay for exciting new crafts!

I think it would be an AWESOME way to make purse handles in coordinating yarn that won't stretch out and get all weird like a knit handle :)