Friday, July 27, 2007

Crafty mish-mash

A smattering of recent knitting/spinning/yarn acquisition...yay!

My shawl...which is almost done at this point! Two more rows to go and then I can cast off! Yahoo! I ordered some blocking wires for this one and plan on blocking it on my son's bedroom floor on a Wednesday night, since he isn't back at my home until Friday night :) Yay!

The fortune cookie o' love for my partner :) She was SO in love with it when she opened the take-out box I wrapped it in :)

Loverly medium grey wool I've been spinning really finely. Thinnest single I've ever made...I think it's in the 30-something WPI range. I have two bobbins of it, gonna do a third and try my hands at a three-ply yarn :) It's amazingly soft, as well :)

Some hand-dyed wool my Secret Pal sent me. I LOVE the colors :) Really nice singles, but I don't know how I'm gonna ply it yet. It was a bit difficult to spin...seemed clumpy and hard to draft, so I flicked and combed a length of the roving until it was separated some and easier to draft before spinning. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the colors?

I bought six skeins of this yarn...pouring over the specs to match up to a pattern I wanted to make. I agonized over the color and finally picked this lovely purple. Then, by the time it was mailed to me...I forgot what I was going to make with it : Yes, I am that dense sometimes!!!

Amazingly soft acrylic yarn...HUGE skeins...great deal :) I got this color and a medium grey and while the rust is super soft and delicious, the grey is icky and rough. Ah well. I'll find something to make out of it :)

Bought a couple different variations on tan for my fortune cookies. I ended up going with "tan," but I also got this snickerdoodle and some nutmeg :)

Yay for fiber!

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