Monday, July 09, 2007

Recent FO and WIP

Yes, I'm still working on the shawl for my mother.

But in the meantime, I whipped this scarf out using a skein and a tad more of my Arucania Nature Cotton yarn :) My sweetie's house is cold and my neck needed something warm to cuddle with, so...voila! Quick, boring garter scarf.

Amazingly, this is the FIRST scarf I've ever knit. I know, crazy, huh?

I threw some YOs at each end so it wasn't TOTALLY boring. It's not blocked or anything, so they look a bit messy, but they're there. I can also use them as button holes and wrap it up and clasp it with a cufflink as a tighter scarf if I so chose.

Then, I CO for a fortune cookie today. You heard me right, a fortune cookie :D

It's an anniversary gift for my sweetie :) It will be knit (go, short rows, go!) and then felted and I will put something sweet and smarmy inside :)

The pattern is here:

They're SUPER easy and quick...I did those 4 wedges in the picture in about 10 minutes...and it supposeldy takes 14-15 wedges to make a circle. Then, sew up, felt and fold. Voila! A fortune cookie :)

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