Friday, July 06, 2007

New craft

Because I don't have enough crafty diversions to keep my occupied (insert dripping with sarcasm eye roll here), I just purchased the implements to start a NEW, yet cousin, craft!

Weaving sticks. I love weaving...took a class in loom, basket and tapestry weaving in college and it was one of my most favorite classes in all my years there. I can't afford/don't have the space for a floor loom, so I shall try some easy breezy, small equipment needs weaving :)

I figure, it might be something my 5 year old son can do as well, so we can be crafty together! Furthermore, once I get them and see how it works, I might try teaching my downs syndrome Aunt how to do it so she can have a craft to occupy her time :) She recently moved in with my mother and is bored a lot, I think. It looks fairly easy and like it doesn't require a lot of detailed finger manipulation, so I think she should be able to do it :)

Yay for exciting new crafts!

I think it would be an AWESOME way to make purse handles in coordinating yarn that won't stretch out and get all weird like a knit handle :)

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  1. I'm actually going to start weaving too! I posted recently about it on my blog. Also just posted a nice swatch showing how the yarn looks in my shawl (except it won't pool like that in the shawl, not that big of pools, anyway.)

    Too bad on the broken needles! I saw your fortune cookie the other day, but it didn't register with me that it was my "shawl pal".

    Oh, I refer to the cast on (what a bugger that was!) as the ECOOD. You can probably guess . . . .!!