Friday, January 09, 2009

Rainbow Bear Magic!

As some of you know, the boy asked me to knit him a teddy bear out of rainbow yarn for Christmas. Well, my needles broke on Christmas Eve day, with only half the head left to go, so I missed the Christmas gift deadline and then I had him, so I couldn't finish it up without him seeing it until this past week!

I finished it today and once I stuck a face on him, he came to life! Amazing, I know! He's quite a little playful fellow and wanted to go right outside to play in the backyard until the boy got home!

First, he ran right over to the lemon tree (that had recently been trimmed WAY back by my gardeners!) and started climbing around on the branches, playing peek a boo with me behind the leaves :)

When he got tired of that, he asked me to get the hoola hoop off the fence hook and he played with that for awhile. It was a little frustrating, because he doesn't have hips to spin it around, so he eventually gave up and lay down for a quick rest.

He looked to his left and spied the boy's bike standing there, so he hopped on and tried to ride it around. His feet couldn't quite reach the pedals, so I pushed him up and down the driveway for awhile until he said he wanted to do something on his own! (Gee, he sounds like a little kid already! :P)

I carried him around the back yard and there he spied the laundry line! He was using it as a tight rope, walking back and forth on it, doing flips...he's really a very nible little guy! While I was trying to catch a picture of him mid-flip, he almost fell off, but caught himself at the last minute...phwew!

His near tragedy sobered him up some and he walked back across the yard and up the stairs into the kitchen, where we both decided it was time for a treat :)

Rainbow bear had some honey....but just a little! I didn't want him to get sick on an empty stomach!

I had one of my fancy new Liege waffles that arrived yesterday from Belgium!

I can't wait to see what high-jinks Rainbow Bear gets into with the boy tonight once they're introduced to each other. I think I'll have a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case :P