Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad blogger

I don't know why I have been so remiss posting on this blog. I need to get on the ball!

Last night, I went through all my stash and pulled out the stuff I don't expect I'll ever really use and organized what was left. I put all my needles away in their appropriate places. I sorted through WIPs and just generally organized and spiffed up my fiber area.

It feels so nice!

Next comes the fabrics and generic craft area in my bedroom. I have SO MUCH FABRIC it's ridiculous. I need to go through it all and my partner had the wonderful idea of donating all the fabric I don't think I'll ever really use to a college or local theatre group for costumes :)

I was the costume mistress for our theatre in college, so I love that a younger version of me a bunch of fun new fabrics to play with :) Yay!

Then, I actually need to start SEWING again. I want to make some aprons. I've seen such cute patterns and I really do love aprons...I just don't have any right now! So, aprons it is :) And bags. And clothes, lol. I got some AMAZING giraffe print fabric for the sweetie yesterday and I want to make her pajama pants out of it for the spring :) I think she's just get such a kick out of that!

Yay for crafty goodness, organzing and recycling :)