Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I finally got pictures to prove that my LiveJournal Secret Pal 4 Pal is flat-out amazing! This is the package that I received last week :D

Here it all is, in all it's glory! Wonderful roving hand-dyed by my pal in a colorway she calls "The Great Radish Famine" after a Fraggle Rock episode *gleam* Pictures of her dying the fiber. A pattern I've been wanting for awhile now. Monkey soap, bath confetti and a duckie filled with bath gel.

Yes, it's all beautiful and wonderful. But wait! Step into this picture and blow your mind away!

Greens, oranges, rusty earthy reds....GAH! The sheer beauty and magical wonderment of this roving is just beyond words :)

As I said before, I was never one for multi-colored roving before, because I couldn't find a set of colors that suited me. Well, this suits me. This IS me....lol. If I were roving, this is what I would look like :D

Thank you SO MUCH, Secret Pal...now everyone else know what I know...that You ROCK HARD!

I was also inspired by this amazing multi-colored roving to buy some more for myself :D
Feast your eyes on THIS beauty :D

It's called Felix the Cat and I love the name as much as the roving :D It's Blue Faced Leichster (or however you spell that,) which I've never spun but have always heard dreamy things about :)

I can't wait to spin up BOTH my new multi-colored roving blobs and then I will have to bore you all with a gagillion pictures of the amazing yarn I will have made :D

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