Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I just love this day :) It's fall, people get to dress up as weird as they want to, there's bats and skeletons and pumpkins in everyone's yard. And. I get to have my one big tradition with the boy.

The annual pumpkin patch photo shoot :)

Despite being sick, the boy was quite thrilled to go this year and we had a lot of fun! As evidinced by the pictures below :)

This is the "official" halloween shot this other words, the only good one with pumpkins involved, lol.

After we ran around for awhile, he got to pick two rides to go on. The first one was one of those GIANT slides. He wanted to go on it...all alone. I was so proud that he traipsed up there carrying the blanket AND bear and got himself situated and down he came! This is near the bottom of the slide.

Can't see that ear-splitting grin close enough? How about this?

Then, he chose a ride that goes around and around and up in the air. This is the guy running the ride explaining to him that Bear has to be in the seatbelt too so he will be safe :)

He made his own costume yesterday. He wanted to be a ghost, but he refused to BUY a costume. He was adamant that it be a white sheet with holes cut into it. So, he decided where the holes should be and cut them out and this is the result. He's quite pleased with himself :)

I hope you all have a goulishly delightful day and may you not be attacked by zombies :)


  1. I miss taking my kids to the Pumpkin Patch. My 18 year old son is almost 7' tall now and my 15 year old Daughter is not into the trick or treat either. The Ghost costume... he will remember for the rest of his life. Like you said, he was proud because he made it. Thanks for sharing

  2. I am a little late on this - but how cool! THat smile, hanging with your little guy (and his bear!!), making costumes. It just doesn't get better then this! And what a great smile...