Friday, October 05, 2007

SP11 contest :)

My SP11 hostess is having a contest and I'm feeling joiner-ish, so I'll play along! Yay :)

My Favorite:

Actor - Jeff Goldblum or Kevin Spacey
Actress - Michelle Rodriguez
Animal - Bengal tiger...or really, cats in general :)
Band - Ani Difranco's older stuff
Book - The Family Tree by Sherri S. Tepper
Bubble Bath - lavender
Candy - swedish fish
Color - orange with green being a VERY close second
Flower - Calla Lily
Food - popcorn specifically, mexican for favorite cuisine
Lip Balm - Jamba Juice orange cream lip balm
Lotion - St. Ives intensive therapy
Movie - The Lost Boys
Song - "Back When I Could Fly" by Trout Fishing in America
TV Show - Currently, so many! Maybe Bones or Kyle XY or Clean Sweep or Good Eats :)
Vacation Spot - Seattle or my bed :D

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