Monday, September 24, 2007


The electricity in my entire neighborhood was out this weekend, so I got a fair bit of knitting, spinning and reading done :)

First of all, I finished my mom's shawl...just in time to give it to her for her birthday on Sunday :) She LOVED the colors and put it on right away and was just thrilled :) See what a few skeins of cheap Lion Brand Homespun and some big needles can do, lol....

I also finished my partner's second slipper on Thursday night, so her toes are being kept warm and cushy as the Bay Area slips into fall and cool, rainy days :) I just LOVE this pattern and can't wait to make my own slippers!

Here's one mid-knit, so you can see why my partner dubbed them "Foot Canoes" LOL

Finally, I spun up the remainder of this sample roving for A Little Quacky and plied first time Navajo plying and I LOVED it! I need a lot more practice to end up with an even, not overspun yarn, but yay! What a fun technique :P

Above is while spinning and below is the plied yarn :)

Then, I decided to start a small project this weekend because the yarn for my FIRST SWEATER hasn't arrived yet (hopefully, it will today!) and I needed something to knit while the power was out, lol.

Enter wristwarmers in Plymouth Baby Grande Alapaca :) I'm just sort of making them up as I go along and I LOVE them. They're soft and delicious and sproingy and soft and warm and did I mention soft? hehe.

I don't like the increases I did for my giant palms, so I'm gonna tink back a bit and try a different increase, then try to recreate another matching one, lol.

This Saturday is The Knit and Crochet show and I'm SUPER excited to go and buy delicious yarn and fondle everything :P I'm also going with my new fibery friend, so it's a double good day!


  1. wow, look at all that beautiful work! Love all the bright colors that you use!

    An opinion to take or leave on the mitts - generally, I like to knit them from the palm down. Decreases are prettier then increases in my book...

  2. Sunne,

    Thanks! Can you tell I'm a big fan of orange? LOL....but the spinning was just sent to me, I lucked out on getting orange roving :)

    Good suggestion on the mitts - I agree, decreases are prettier than increases :) I'll have to try that next time...I'll definately be making more of these ;)

  3. Oh, you are going to have to keep us up to date on the release of the foot canoe pattern. I love those!!

  4. Those slippers are super cute! I need to get my hands on the pattern.