Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Foot Canoes

I am making a new pair of cool, kick-ass slippers for my partner, Scot. I got the pattern from Cocoknits....her website will be up soon at cocoknits.com! They're supposed to be knit in Malabrigio, but I decided to knit my first pair in something a little less spendy to see how they work out and so I don't use the Malabrigio on mistakes. I ended up using the Vanna's Choice acrylic I had in my stash. So soft and knit up surprisingly springy and warm...I am falling in love with this yarn!

I knit both of the soles first, then picked up the stitches on one sole and knit that upper. As I was knitting the sides, Scot claimed that they looked like "foot canoes," so that is what they're now called around my house...although someone a little less silly might call them Loafer slippers :P

On to the pictures!

First, you knit a sole like this. I did both the soles before I tried making the uppers :) They're quick and easy to knit.
One foot canoe in all its glory :P I didn't plan on the two yarns to pool that way and would have rather they didn't, but it doesn't look bad so *shrug*
Where the foot canoe actually looks the cool, kick-ass loafer slipper that it is supposed to be :P You can see all the crazy ends inside I still have to weave in. *sigh* I hate weaving in ends, lol...but don't we all? You can also see the holes and crazy twisties next to the ridge on the right. I obviously screwed up somehow, but I was so careful in following the pattern! Ah well, I still love them, even if they're flawed :P
Foot canoe in action...being worn by my size 11 feet. Scot's feet are size 6...but they fit her as well. Amazing, that stretchy yarn!
The money shot! I love how the cast-off looks and the little loafer curved bit on the top, even if mine is (for some unknown reason) lopsided.... Yay!
Now on to knitting foot canoe #2 :)


  1. Those look great!! I do love how they look just like a knit pair of loafers!

  2. Thanks, both of you :) I'm lovin' them and already have a pair planned for me next :D

  3. Oh these look great! I wish I could get my hands on the pattern!!

  4. Anonymous7:24 AM

    The slippers are absolutely beautiful. Could you tell me where you got your pattern?

  5. Hi Katty Katwoman :)

    I got the pattern from cocoknits.com! Go there at once and get it, it's such a great knit :)