Thursday, September 06, 2007

We now interrupt this program....

for something slightly different :)

Decided to whip up a quick K1, yo, K to end of row shawl for my mother using some pretty and soft Lion Brand Homespun yarn I bought for just this purpose.

I'm using 11 needles and the resulting fabric is coming out so light and with a fantastic drape to it, but not holey at all. It's really warm and I see my mom using it around her shoulders a lot this winter :)

I am so perplexed by Homespun. Some of the skeins are soft and delightful, while others are stiff and plasticy and I feel like I can hear them squeak when I touch them. Even within the same's a mystery. SO, I mostly buy it by feel at this point and hope that I like the color of the softer skeins too :) This was is really great colors for my mom...she'll love it!

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