Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Secret Pal 10 goodies pictures

Howdy folks :)

My Secret Pal 10 pal is anxiously awaiting pictures of the goodies she sent me. I've been OVERWHELMED with life right now, but I snapped a few quick pictures late late late last night, so I hope this will do to let you all know how amazing she was to me :)

Here is everything I got in my last two final big packages, as well as everything I could find quickly that she's sent me along the way. Missing are some items she sewed for me, because they're in my room and a bevy of electronic patterns...some knitting earrings as well...oh, I'm sure other things too. I was SPOILED!

Here's some close-up pictures of the stuff I thought I should take close up pictures of really really really late last night when I was super tired and barely thinking, lol.

AWESOME scrabble earrings using my initial :)

Matching scrabble ring, some beaded stitch markers I think my pal made, a rubbery "M" stitch marker, a corner of the scrapbooking goodies she sent :)

Scrapbooking stuff! I think it's for a birthday theme...all I know is it's COOL! :) I've never scrapbooked before, but now I'll have to start...with a page for my son's recent birthday!

A really cool sheep broach she sent me early in the swap, some stitch markers where the beads spell out my name, some appliques you really can't see back there, a pattern, a cool sock knit-along on CD (which I havne't had time to listen to yet :( ) and some of the fun candy she sent me :D

Okay, let's many goodies! Candy, stitch markers, Scrabble ring and buttons on the bottom there. Adorable knitting note cards! Some cream wool and silk yarn with what I believe is a russian label. Some paton's grace mercinized cotton yarn in a cool orange color. Some patriotic Sugar & Cream yarn (made me giggle because she's from Canada :P) There's some tea in there and more candy in the back. She sent a California postcard and sock shaped needle protectors and three sets of circular needles!

More of the yummy candy :) Some dark chocolate brown wool sock yarn that will become socks once I learn how to make them :) more point protectors. What I believe to be headbands (bottom right corner), but what I thought at first were weird thin purse handles, lol. And the big dissapointment, Plymouth Mohair yarn.

Why is it a dissapointment, you ask? Well, it was wild and crazy and fun in the big bag she sent it to me in...and then, I opened the bag and touched the stuff and well. I learned I am HUGELY MASSIVELY allergic to mohair yarn. Which surprised me, because I have one skein of yarn that is 55% mohair and it doesn't bother me. But this! Oy! Even if my skin brushes lightly against it, it feels like burning itchy pin pricks all over my skin that doesn't go away for at least half an hour. Imagine what my hands felt like when I grabbed the skeins and held them the first time! Oy!

I just LOVE the stuff, though, and my pal had no way of knowing I was allergic because, well, I didn't know it myself :) I look forward to passing the love of the skeins along to a future pal who will love and cherish them the way they ought to be loved and cherished :)

Thank you SO MUCH, my secret Pal :D You have REALLY outdone yourself with this swap! I can't believe I have one more package coming from you!!!! You've already done so much!

Thank you to the moon and back again :)

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