Thursday, June 07, 2007

My so-called life with yarn

Craftiness is a slow but sure process in my house. I just have minimal time to knit, spin, make jewelry, sew, etc. MAYBE one hour a day. Many days not at all.

But I'm making slow-but sure process on my shawl...yay! It's just so very pretty, I don't know if I'll be able to give it up to my mom when the time comes. Yesterday, I sat out by the fountains at lunch and just knit on it and was at peace *happy content sigh*

I also finished my rat for my sweetie's kitties' housewarming present! Of course, it looks nasty, so I ripped out the tail and the eyes and I'm re-doing it again today at lunch so I can give it to them tonight. I know they're cats and it doesn't really matter...but ya know...just cause they're kitties doesn't mean they should have low standards! :P

I finished my brown blob o' doom as well...just need to weave in ends on the last half and it will be useable! yay!

I worked on my Ravelry site quite a bit yesterday and I have all my projects I've ever made in my project section, complete with pictures and blog links and everything...woohoo! I'm sure no one else cares, but I feel accomplished. I also think my knitting sucks, LOL...seeing it all there on one I guess I tend to go for the quick little projects, rather than sweaters and big things I said before, I get MAYBE 5 hours a week of ALL craft time in each week.

I do, however, want to start a sweater! Yay! The Everyday Tweed pattern my Secret Pal 10 pal got me...I just need to peruse yarn and decide what I should make it out of and then...cast on, woman!

Speaking of my Secret Pal 10 pal....I got one of two of my last packages from her on Monday. WOW!!!!! I got some great mercinized cotton yarn, a faaaaabulous "M" scrabble ring to go with my "M" scrabble earrings, several stitch markers, point protectors...maybe something else too, I can't remember off the top of my head. I loved the little card she sent...handmade with a flower on it :) She just has treated me sooooooooo good! I feel ultimately spoiled and pampered and

When I get the second package, I'll take a picture and post all the goodness at once!

Did anyone else catch the amazing knitting book sale on Amazon? I got 6 awesome knitting books for $30!!!! I'm gonna use them as Swap gifts :P Me, cheap? Nah...just thrifty :D :D :D

I've been wanting to make something faaabulous out of big, soft yarn lately. I have no idea what, but I am a little tired of the thin mercinized cotton for the shawl. I want something that goes fast and is fabulous and fun and exciting! Maybe some wrist warmers? Maybe a scarf? I have three skeins of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Granda just BEGGING to be knit up.

I love yarn :D

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