Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knitty Gritty

With the upgrade of cable I got over the weekend, I now get DIY network! And that, of course, means that Knitty Gritty was one of the first things I set my TiVo up to record!

I saw my first ever episode last night and I am just EXCITED! While I wasn't that thrilled with the subject being knit (men and dogs, lol), I was just so happy to be able to sit and relax in my living room and watch someone knit! Seeing the yarn, the new techniques, seeing how people do particular stitches...just brilliant :) I never knew long-tail cast-on was as easy as it appeared when they were doing it. I loved sitting on my couch, watching squishy, softy, beautifully colored yarn on my screen!

Yay for knitting TV shows!!!

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