Friday, June 30, 2006

YAS strikes again

I stopped by the LYS at lunch today to buy the next skein for my secret one skein pal. I ended up getting her this wonderful soft blue tweedy thin stuff that's wool and silk and a few other things. Yum :)

While there, I wandered into the discount bin in the back and found three skeins I liked a lot, all with no price tags, of course. I took them up and asked for pricing and they were cheap! Two of them were around $4 after discounts and the third one, she looked and said, "Oh heck, I'll just give you that one!"

SCORE! It's a soft sports weight lime green something. I think it's part wool and part acrylic and part something else. But it's all mine :) I love the color and the price certainly can't be beat. I am thinking I might try to make a sock out of it, but as I havne't tried to make socks yet, I don't know if this will happen or not :)

YAY for new yarn!

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