Monday, June 12, 2006

Glittery obligations

I'm part of a craft swap called Betty Crafter. Basically, the jist of it is that we had to make postcards depicting some craft that we do and sent them off to 10 folks with a recipe on the back.

I was planning all kinds of elaborate postcards, with knit flaps and beads and gosh, LOTS of work :) Then, I started getting some from the 10 folks that I'm on their list. They weren't that inspired. Just photocopies and stamps and the such. Maybe the ones I get next will be faaabulous, but after getting the first few, I thought, "Why the heck am I gonna stress myself out and do something so elaborate?!"

And this is what I did instead :P

I printed the recipe on the back, then printed a color picture of my spinning. I cut them into postcard sized things, then painted glitter over the yarn on the picture (the black dots on this scanned picture) and glued a piece of the yarn that I spun in the picture next to it.

Address, a few stamps and voila! Postcard obligation taken care of :)

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