Saturday, June 17, 2006

Love Glove

My sister's wedding shower was today. All in all, I think it went off pretty well :) I am pleased and SUPER GLAD it's over. Now, I just have to make it through the wedding next weekend and then I can have my life back. This is the last "thing" looming over me.

Besides throwing the shower, I made her a gift. WARNING: It's TOTALLY cheezy and sappy, but I also think it's a wonderful and amazing concept and hell, when can you get away with being sappy EXCEPT at a Wedding Shower :P

It's called the Love Glove :D Basically, it's a two-person glove. One person puts their hand in one side (through the ribbed cuffs I knit), then the other person puts their hand in and then you can keep yer hands warm and toasty in the fleece heart (which I sewed up) while holding hands :D

My sister and her beau live in Virginia, so it makes sense for those long, romatic walks in the snow :P

I think it's adorable and I'm SUPER proud of how well it came out :D

love glove pride*


  1. Thanks :) I stole the idea from a website where it was all fleece and not heart-shaped and just altered it into my own creation :)