Sunday, June 11, 2006

One Skein Secret pal ROCKS!!!!

Okay, seriously here. I have participated in MANY MANY secret pal-type things. Secret Santas, secret recipe swaps, all sorts of stuff. And I always seem to get a lame secret pal, who either does very little for me or does nothing at all.

Well, all that is changing! I got my pacakge from my One Skein secret pal Friday afternoon and oh my gosh! It was the best, most fun and exciting package I think I've received all year!

She sent me a scrumptious skein of wool, as you can see above...the colors are so very gorgeous :) But she didn't stop there, nooOoOoOOo. She went above and beyond the call of duty and sent me some purse handles (the round things in the picture) and found 4 patterns for purses, 2 on the knifty knitte,r one crochet and one needle knit, printed them out and included them.

I got a whole dang knit a cool purse kit! Rock on, secret pal!

Oh, and the coolest card was enclosed, it's a man knitting from a giant ball of yarn, which is in the place of a globe on a stand :)

Knitting certainly makes the world go round :)

*happy glowy One Skein Secret Pal Recipient*

I hope my secret pal liked HER package half as much as I loved mine!


  1. *Top Secret* Pal12:34 PM

    I'm so glad you liked it! I had to tear that wool out of my greedy little paws and send it...I so wanted to keep it! But your appreciation makes it worth the 'sacrifice'. ;-)

    I've already got your next batch of goodies...hurry up July!

  2. *clappy clappy clappy*

    I LOVED it, thank you so very much!