Friday, May 12, 2006

Secret Pal Yarn Swap

Yay! I got my secret pal info for the One Skein yarn swap :)

She sounds like a totally cool chick, I would want to be her friend in real life, lol. I'm scouring her livejournals to get insight into what sort of yarn she might like. I hope I do well, I am not really up on all the "cool" yarns out there. Being poor and all, I can't buy the stuff I fall in love with, but have to stick to the stuff at Wal-mart and Michaels lol. Ah well, for a secret pal, I'll splurge a bit :)

You know, I have some pink and maroon and mauve dyed fiber I just got for free....hrmmm...I wonder if I can spin that up in time to send it for the July skein?...Pink is her favorite color and all.....hrmmmmm....I'll have to think on that one :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that I acquired FOR FREE almost a whole fleece, two large bags of angora and one large bag of mohair yesterday. Yes, I said FOR FREE!!!! *squeal* A woman posted it on freecycle and I was the lucky recipient! There's oh, 15 or so gallon-size ziploc bags, 3 of beautiful dark brown wool, 6-8 of varying shades of off-white and tan and grey and several that she had been playing around with dye, some pink/maroon/mauve mixture and some greens mixtures. I am taking some of each kind to the spinning festival tomorrow to see if anyone in the guild can help me figure out how to process it. I'm sure they can, lol. I think it just needs a good washing (she already washed it once, but it has been in her garage for over a year) and then carded. I know there are places to send fiber to be carded, but if there was someone in the guild that had a drum carder that I could go over and pay to use it, I would prefer that.

It's such beautiful stuff and I am just agog that I got it for free. My sweetie and I were in a craft store last night and I kept veering over to the yarn and she finally said, "Step away from the yarn! You have a whole friggin' sheep in the kitchen, you can't buy more yarn!" I tried to make her understand that there are yarns I need to BUY, that I can't MAKE...but I don't know that she bought it :D

Ah well, I'm in fiber heaven and I get to spin with spinny folks for several hours tomorrow, so I will be in spinny heaven!

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