Monday, May 08, 2006

Craft goodness

I adore my crafty goodness. I don't have enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to! *pout* But I love doing it all, nonetheless. I decided to share some pictures of some of the things I'm working on :)

This is the finished product of my first spinning. My first plied skein of yarn! Yay! It looked a gagiilion times better before I wet it to set the twist...then I got to learn allll about the concept of "bloom." Apparently, my fiber had a lot left :P Ah well, I still love it *caresses the wool yarn*

Now, I'm working on this yarn. I bought this spindle and roving on eBay. The fiber is really long, so it isn't a joy to spin like the fiber above, but I am persevering and going to finish it. I've been using the drafting method of folding a piece over my index finger (not sure what that's called) and it helps A LOT with the drafting of such long fibers. It may be a pain in my ass, but I do think it's pretty. I don't think I'm going to ply this one, just use the singles as a very thin, lightweight yarn. I bought some PVC pipes last night to make an immerseable niddy noddy so I can wet the singles to set the twist and keep the tension on the yarn by keeping it on the PVC pipes. *proud of myself*

If you could spin love, this would be it. These colors SOOOOO aren't "me," but I love it nonetheless. This is silk. Silk hankies, to be exact. I love spinning them' it's so easy and fun and the colors are so brilliant and deep and shiny :D It is a bit difficult, though, keeping my hands moisturized enough. It does tend to such them dry. I can't wait to finish this and ply it - it's going to be deliriously beautiful :)

One knitting project I'm in love with. I'm taking the idea of the convertable from and making a long shawl that can be converted into a shrug with a few well-placed buttons. I am IN LOVE with the way the pattern is coming out. It's knit on the yellow Knifty Knitter (as you can see in the picture). It's Caron Simply Soft Grey Heather yarn purchased on a whim cheap at Wally World and I'm simply doing 4 rows of mock crochet stitch and then 6 rows alternating knit and perl. It's such a glorious, lacy, light summery feel to it and I love the color. I'm about 1/3 of the way done and I can't wait to finish it and wear it. I have to find some great buttons to make cufflinks with so I can wear it as a shrug (I think that's going to be it's main function, with the shrug option being present in case I want it that way.)

Yay for craftiness!

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  1. Hi Melinda,

    I saw that pattern on Knitty and thought it was pretty neat too! I'll have to see how yours comes out. I may give it a try!

    Beautiful yarn choice. I love Caron Simply soft!