Friday, April 28, 2006

12-step for Spinners

Hello, my name is Mel and I'm a spinning addict.


I finally finished my very first skein of yarn spun by my very own two hands and I am just as proud as it it were a kid I gave birth to :D lol.

I know it's not even. I know it's chunky at parts. I know it's thin as dental floss at other parts. I also know I don't care! I andien plied it last night and washed it just to see what would happen. It got all big and poofy : I wasn't expecting that, LOL. So, now my skein, that I was so proud of because it was almost a regular worsted weight sken is now a super bulky weight yarn, lol. It's currently laying out in my kitchen drying. Is this puff factor normal? Did I do something wrong?

Regardless, I'm in love with it :D

Here's the singles wrapped around my spindle prior to plying...ahhhh...such pride :P

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