Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spinning frenzy

I am so in love with spinning yarn. I started about a month or two ago, but got frustrated because I was having serious problems with drafting and over-twisting the yarn and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to do it right.

Fast-forward to this past weekend. My sweetie just happened to meet a woman who spins and the woan gave my sweetie her email. I started writing her and ended up going to a cool event this weekend that her spinning guild was teaching a class at. I paid my $5, made my CD spindle (I brought my own, but decided to use what everyone else was using) and started a'spinning. With guidance from my new friend and several others in the guild, I was spinning in no time!

I am just SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED about how addictive and fun spinning is now that the missing chinks in my newbie education have been filled in :) My right hand just ITCHES to be drafting, day and night. Spin spin spin, I'm going to their guild meeting, which just happens to be the weekend coming up :) I just can't wait to learn from these amazing, knowledgeable women and learn more and more and more about spinning :) I see a wheel in my future : They're DAMN expensive, but there was this super cool collapsable one a woman brought to the class that made me drool :)

I'm sitting here at work, with nothing to do, and it KILLS me that I could be SPINNING right now, instead of sitting here at my desk bored and surfing the net.

For that matter, I could be knitting or sewing together my last bunny! but noOOoOoOooOoooOooooo...I need money to live (and buy more spinning and knitting supplies :P) so I have to sit here like a lump and get paid for being bored.

Ah well. Maybe tonight *gleam*

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