Tuesday, April 04, 2006

knittin' fiend

I've been knitting like the wind, every free moment I have, to get my next project completed so I can share it with y'all :)

*bouncy* I can't wait! It's really cool :P (if I do say so myself).

My best friend was diagnosed with multiple malignant cancers throughout her body about 8 weeks ago. two weeks ago, I bought some Homespun that reminded me of her, dark red and maroons. A week ago, I brought it over when I went to stay with her and showed it to her. By that point, she couldn't talk or walk, but she pet the skeins and mouthed the words, "How pretty!" to me. I was thrilled she approved.

This last Friday night, my best friend Annette passed away. I was sitting next to her, knitting with that same yarn when she went. So, I think this piece will always be my Annette piece when it's done. We're planning her memorial in 2 weeks on the 15th. I want to wear it then, so she can see the finished piece and smile down on me :)


  1. oooh Dear.. Big hugs!! I am sure she will be smiling down on you!

  2. bj moore5:34 PM

    It's beautiful! It will be nice to something to always remind you of your friend.