Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Howdy :)

I've had this blogger site for many years now, but I haven't posted on it in almost 2. I decided it was time to have a craft blog, since my LiveJournal is for friends only. That way, I can post pictures and ideas and just general craftiness and publish the link to my crafty friends and other folks and they'll be able to see what I've been able to create in the spare moments of my life.

I wish I had more time to loom. Really, I do. It is soooo fun :D

Here is a picture of one of my more recent projects, a fuschia/pink fuzzy purse I made for a craft penpal I have. It's soooooo not my color, but I liked the yarn regardless and had to make something out of it :)

It's mock crochet stitch on the green loom and I sewed the resulting tube to a denim tote bag I purchased at Michael's for just that purpose.

I think it came out kind of cute :)


  1. The shrug is lovely and I personally LOVE pink and the tote is sooooo cute.
    Enjoyed your pictures!

    luv2kniftyknit@gmail.com Tawrena

  2. This is such a nice idea! I am going to use up some of my yarn this way...Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. TexasAndie5:35 AM

    I have stayed away from knitting purses so far because of the daunting task of lining. Thanks for the great idea! The purse is lovely!