Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The great weave

Today on my lunch break, I wove the ends in for my shrug and finished off the second sleeve end with a crochet hook so it would mirror the loopy end of the first sleeve (beginning edge of the project). I wouldn't say I crocheted, just...did something to make it look the same, lol. It looks good :)

I put several skeins of yarn in my knitting bag this morning. I want to make some bunnies now for easter presents. I also want to try to make a mouse or two, sort of made up as I go along, which I want to fill with batting and catnip for my girlfriend's cats to play with :) I ALSO need to start making my afghan for a raffle I've prommised an afghan for in October...I hope I can finish it by then, with my limited knitting time available to me :)

Sadly, no pictures today, but if I make a mouse or bunny tonight, I'll post it tomorrow!

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