Monday, March 20, 2006


I finished some knitting this weekend. My unknown project using the altered mock crochet stitch ended up being a short, but amazing and awesome scarf. I cast off my first square (and I don't like how I did it, but I couldn't find a better way so oh well) and I made a baby hat/jellyfish for a co-worker's new baby :)

Even though the hat looks ridiculous just sitting there (and oddly like a jellyfish, yes, I know :P) I like it a lot! It's a smapler of sorts. I did 6 rows in flat stitck for the brim, then I started doing other alterations on mock crochet. I did 4 rows of 3/5 mock crochet and then 4 rows of 1/3 mock crochet and then repeated both :) The 3/5 mock crochet is just beautiful and I'm making another baby hat for a friend's older baby and I'm gonna do it all in 3/5 mock crochet :) It makes these great diamond holes in the stitch (which you can't see unless it's on and stretching the yarn out some) that I adore :) The 1/3 is nice, nothing to crow about, but a good filler and quick and easy :)

I also don't like the gathered top and on my friend's daughter's hat, I'm gonna do a flat top with tassles on each corner :)

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