Friday, June 27, 2008

Week three SP question & WIP

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

Well, MY stash is just the perfect amount of stash, of course :P I have alpaca, wool, wool blends, silk, acrylic, cotton, bamboo, soysilk, and some misc. stuff. Three shelves in my fiber center and three space bags in the closet. Because, of course, I buy new yarn for any project, lol. Stash is just to inspire and pet :)

In other news, I decided to frog my Mr. Greenjeans sweater. I had finished the body and was about to start the arms and I realized, ya know...I hate this thing. It's too big, it's mis-shapen, it's just ICKY and I hated knitting on it. So, I sat down and ripped it all out and made a bunch of adorable yarn balls. I already had another sweater in mind, don'tcha know :)

I'm making the Circle Swing Coat found here (if you're on Ravelry) I cast on a few days ago and it's so totally fun to knit and I'm just really enjoying it. I need to knit about three more inches in diameter on the back, then I get to set up the arms and do the front.

As you can see here, I am doing it mostly in one color, Dark Horse Fantasy green multi, but I have two skeins of the same yarn in black/grey multi that I think I'm gonna do the last few rows in for an interesting edge :) I am doing an occasional stockinette ring in between the garter stitch rings to further enhance the circular nature of it :)

I just LOVE it :)

The above pictures were taken with my camera phone on the hood of my car whilst waiting to give blood. They were running an hour behind, so I got a LOT of knitting done. Unfortunately, my blood wasn't good enough, so they sent me away. I'm anemic :( I see Iron pills in my future today :)


  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    That is a cool coat. It reminds me of the Pinwheel coat which I also like very much.

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