Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Picture Tuesday

Here are a number of not necessarily related pictures I've been meaning to post here. Enjoy!

Two weekends ago, my sweetie reupholstered my kitchen chairs. I love how they came out :) He even reupholstered one with plastic sheeting on it for the boy's chair, so it's wipe-off-able :) Now, we want to make a linoleum rug to put under the table and hide some of the nasty renters kitchen floor I have going on, lol. Maybe an olive green with a brown trim?

Close-up of the groovy fabric I picked out :)

When I went to the Maker Faire, I got some great photographs of these sculptures that were placed around the grounds. They were two or three stories high and were just stunning in workmanship and beauty.

Close-up of the bird the metal guy was picking up :) It amused me, hehe.

You know I love animals, but these goats cracked me up, straining SO HARD to eat the grass on the other side of hte fence...even though it was the EXACT same grass as on their side of the fence :)

There was a posse of folks driving around in cupcake cars! This one was cool :P

This was stunning...the woman in the background was kneeling in prayer or subjugation of this massive spidery alien thing with one giant red eye. The woman had a fire in her chest, where her heart would be and the flame came up and down to a heartbeat. The head spun around and when the red eye lined up with the woman, her whole body went up in flames. It was AWESOME!

The eye

Regular heartbeat flame

When the red eye landed on her

There was also a robot giraffe that we saw last year :) He's just too cute for words!

Then, I have some pictures of the quilt my Great Aunt Lois (who died a few weeks ago) sent to me.

I thought it was just one of the many quilts she had around the house and was thrilled to get it. However, the story is even more poignant because, when I picked it up from my Aunt, she told me that about a year ago, she had visited Aunt Lois and helped Lois pick out the fabric for the quilt with me in mind. Aunt Lois was making is especially for me !!! and was going to bring it to me the next time she came to visit, but she passed away before she came to California again.

Although it isn't a color scheme I would normally go for, I love it so much and I will really treasure it for the rest of my life :) And even though I don't like teal at all and don't care for blue that much, every time I look at these pictures, it grows on me more and more. I expect I'll soon have it out on my bed, loving it and it's colors :) How can I not, when it's made with such love by a master quilter!

Voila! My camera is now empty....for a few days, at least ;)

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