Thursday, August 16, 2007


No exciting pictures to share :( I've just been too busy to snap any! But I promise, there is crafty stuff happening behind the scenes...alllllll kinds o' crafty stuffs :)

I've been spinning some luscious merino for A Little Quacky. She offered up samples of her dyed fiber to any spinner who would spin it and send her pictures to put on her Etsy shop, so I volunteered :) It's slow going...I think I've discovered that I was right not to like to spin dyed always seems so much more...compacted and dense when I go to spin it. Ah well. It's beautiful stuff, orange and purple and cream. You'll have to trust me :P

Finished off a bunch more dishcloths and I actually got my sister to send me her new address, so I can send her the birthday goodie box with dishcloths and whatnot inside. yay.

My blocking wires for the elann shawl came a week ago. Broken in half : I kid you not! UPS came in with this tube all bent and twisted and looked at me and said, "I don't know what you want to do about this..." so I opened it and everything inside was all twisted and broken and bent and so I refused it. I'm not willing to wait another 3 weeks to get a replacement, so I just got my money back from the online vendor and I'll try blocking it with lots of pins and some fishing wire for the straight side. Wish me luck!

I've started knitting some slippers for myself using this pattern. I'll be leaving off the pompoms thankyouverymuch...but I like the basic shape enough and I needed some slippers quick because my feet have started getting cold at nights and cold feet = crampy feet and that's just no fun. I'm making them in grey acrylic and I've added picots on the top edge of the ankle just for fun :P

Of course, after I started making them, my partner decided SHE wants slippers too, lol. But I found a better pair for her....and now I want the loafer style ones too! Ah well. I can have two pairs of slippers :P

The drops ones are killing me, though....all seed stitch *twitch twitch*

Finished up my net bag, just need to put the handles on it...yay! Welcome to my crappy camera phone picture, lol. But but but! At least it's a picture, eh? It's also MUCH more vibrant orange than that, lol. It's super spiffy and I can't wait to carry groceries in it soon :)

In my non spinning and knitting world, I have cleaned off over half of my craft/sewing table and uncovered the sewing machine! Over the weekend, I made a skirt, altered another skirt that was too big and made some awesome flannel black with colored lizards pajama bottoms :D The PJ bottoms had been cut out for YEARS, just sitting in the sewing project pile and I am super excited to finally get them sewn up and in rotation.

Love me some flannel PJ bottoms. Love me some lizards. How can it be wrong?

Oh, and I still have no idea what I bought the Cathay yarn for :

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