Monday, August 20, 2007

Picture pages!

Took a few pictures of some FOs and some recent yarny goodness that I hadn't posted on here, you go!

I'm adding the strap to the string bag...almost done and then I shall have an awesome orange net bag for grocery shoppin' and the such! Yay :)

Finished one slipper at my garage sale this weekend. It's a TAD too long, but ah's scrumptiously comfy. I don't even care about the mistakes...they're SLIPPERS for gosh sakes, lol. On to the next one second slipper syndrome :P

A few more picot swirl dishcloths I've made...gosh, I love knitting this pattern :)

This is some great soybean yarn I got from a friend who was destashing! It's super soft, a woven hollow tube yarn and I just love the colors :)

Three skeins of scrumptious alpaca yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca. My swap pal sent this to me. I LOVE the colors and they're just all so soft :D

Manos!!!! TWO skeins my secret pal sent me...Delish, delightful, delovely :D

Okay, I saw this yarn at Michaels and I wanted to laugh. I wanted to make all kinds of jokes about vanna white yarn. But then, I touched it and it was so soft. Then, I saw all the wonderful colors it comes in. Then, I noticed it was 100% acrylic and was shocked because of the super soft texture. Then, somehow...these two skeins ended up in my shopping cart! :

I blame yarn elves :P

Yay for fiber :)

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