Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yay for SP 10!!!

I got my first little goodie from my Secret Pal 10 Secret Pal :D

She's going to be sending me one huge package at the end, with lots of litlte bits and bobs during the course of the event, because she lives in another country and doing it this was will be cheaper for her :)

I got a lovely card and a handsewn really pretty tissue cover for those little packages of purse tissues :D


*happy dance*

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  1. Your Secret Pal 10 Buddie7:42 PM

    I am glad you got it! I just sent you a pattern via email - that I purchased for you - go check your email!!!!

    Have a good weekend! You'd think it was the middle of a bitter cold winter where I live! I hope it's not winter until July! Ha ha!