Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Recent developments

First of all...I am just ECSTATIC to announce that this baby is alll.......MINE!

I bit the bullet and bought her at the last guild meeting :D It's the Ashford Traditional wheel I've been renting from my friend since January...such a wonderful machine :D

Even though it's been in my house since Jan, I haven't owned it until now.... I feel like a new mother *proud spinning wheel gleam*

Happy happy joy joy dance of spinning wheel love :D

Wanna see some of the stuff I've spun on her?

Well, this is the magenta/pink and brown wool I spun and plied last week. It's kinda itchy, but it's a good hearty skein :)

The dark brown single is much darker in real life :)

Then, at my latest guild meeting, where I wrote the check to buy my new baby, I started spinning some misc. grey wool I got for free and had processed at the Fiber mill I sent stuff to back in September :) It is an utter dream to spin and I've been being very consciously trying to spin a thin, even single and...I've been succeeding! This grey stuff is around 32 WPI!!!!!

Finally, I wanted to share a picture of an amazing yarn I recently discovered!

You all know what an alpaca whore I am.... Well, this yarn is softer than most (but not all) of the alpaca yarn I have in my stash. What is it made out of, you ask? Well, believe it or not, it's NYLON and ACRYLIC! Not a natural fiber in site, and yet it's just...SCRUMPTIOUS! It has really great yardage for the price, as well! It's 205 yards for $5 for solids and $6 for varigated skeins :) I bought 6 skeins of this colorway and I'm going to make a fabulous wrap out of it :D Sooooooooooooo soft. Really, I kid you not. SOFT. SOFT. SOFT.

Oh! I also have Secret Pal 10 goodies to brag about! Last weekend, I got a pattern in my email that my faaabulous pal bought me! Then, today at work, I got an envelope with some sock needle protectors (so adorable!) and a gorgeous sheep broach. THANK YOU, amazing secret pal! I'm having so much fun being spoiled by you!!!


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Congratulations on your new wheel! The yarn you've spun is just lovurly.
    Your KTE Fairy Knit Mother

  2. What a wonderful wheel! Enjoy!

    Thank you for my Knitters Treat Exchange package. You really DID spoil me! I'm having a pretty darn near perfect day today and your gifts added the icing to the cake. XOXOXO

  3. Wow, congratulations on the wheel! You're unstoppable now :)