Monday, April 23, 2007

Ode to presents

Twas a bleak dreary Monday in my world. My boss had already brought me to tears and it wasn't even lunchtime yet. The candy I bought the night before to sustain me through a long day at work was stale and hard and unappetizing. It was my son's 5th birthday and I wasn't there to celebrate it with him.

Everything looked really dismal.

Then, my friend the post man came. In his arms, he had two packages with my name on them! One was BIG and one was small. I opened the small one first. EARRINGS! Earrings from my Secret Pal 10 upstream pal in Canada! They're silver earrings of a partial sweater with knitting needles working away on the collar :D I put them in right away and felt just a little bit better.

Directing my attention to the large box, I got out the box cutter and dug in. There were an assortment of wrapped goodies inside! *squeal* Opening them one by one, I found....

* A sweet card from my Knitter's Treat Exchange pal, Heide :D
* Not one, but TWO magazines: Knit N' Style (which I just drooled over the sweater on the front cover earlier this morning!) and Creative Knitting (which I adore, but never got a subscription to!)
* A HUGE bag of delicious swedish fish...yum! AND a big bag of of my favorite candies besides swedish fish. At this point, I had to bring over a co-worker because we spent a whole day last week opening up 30 lbs of smarties and packing them loose into pill bottles for a marketing promotion this week at a trade show. We both got a hoot out of the smarties bag and I shared some with her :) No one gets to share the swedish fish :P

* An exfoliating hydro towel for scrubbing your back in the shower. I don't know how to she knew, but I LOVE those things :) I have such an itchy back, it loves a good scrub down now and then :)

* A Stella Mare Italian Orange soy candle, which smells delicious enough to eat, a bar of In the Pink grapefruit and lemongrass organic bar soap, which I really do want to eat...I keep bending under my desk to sniff the soap :D and a tube of sparkling grapefruit body moisture cream :D

* Yarn GALORE! TWO skeins of Elizabeth Lavold silky wool in a rusty color, which I already have two skeins of, so now I have four and I can make something SUPER amazing out of it :) One skein of some delicious natural creamy colored alpaca that says "Courtesy of Dulae," so very super soft and it smells like a yummy soap :) One mystery skein of what I would guess to be wool sock yarn in this great orange and lime green and purple colorway :) So much fun, I can't wait to knit it up! and finally, one skein og Fearless Fibers 100% merino sock yarn in a gorgeous colorway called desert flower. It's creams and browns and rusty reds and mossy dusty green. Amazing, delicious yarn all....I want to lay it out and roll around in it :)

One would think that was enough, right? MORE than enough. But she also included a little wrapped toy for my son! It's actually his 5th birthday TODAY, so it's perfect timing :)

Thank you soooooooo much, both my Secret Pal 10 upstream pal and Heide, my Knitter's Treat exchange pal :)

You've really turned a frown (and more than a few tears) into a smile today :) I love my gifts and I am so grateful for being so wonderfully spoiled :P

Pictures will come in a day or two, once I get the stuff in front of my camera :)


  1. Happy birthday to your son! I really do wish I could have sent you a spinning wheel and a million dollars, but at least you got some Swedish fish! The mystery yarn is from Mama-E's Ceyeber fiber, but I can't remember the colorway. I hope you don't mind, but the Elsebeth Lavold was some that I had in my stash here and when I saw yours I decided to add it just in case it matched. (fingers are crossed until you get home and can check). Hope you have a great week!

  2. sp10 pal9:18 PM

    Happy birthday to your son!!

    Glad you got & love the earrings! Whoot! :)