Monday, February 05, 2007

Stymied by crafts

I just want to pout.

Okay, so I AM pouting, lol.

I can't seem to get how to knit socks! *grrrr* I have cast on (using Knitty's magic cast on, which I love!) and I knit a few rows and screw up and have to rip them out and start over. I've cast on at least 8 times so far. *pout*

I think maybe I need to step up and make some in a thicker yarn for my first time....I'm using size 2 needles and some sock yarn...first time with both, so that can't be helping matters.

In order to feel like I have done SOMETHING lately with my knitting, I made an adorable bib and pair of booties for a co-worker who's leaving at the end of the week for maternity leave. We're having a shower on Wednesday here at work and I am jazzed to have these to give to her! I made them in mint green cottontots easy and so fast!

I actually think doing the short rows on the booties helped me understand them better, so when I go back to my short row toes on the socks, I'll be better off than the first 8 times, lol.

I'll post pictures soon.

Also, I bought some super scrumptious yarn online for free shipping and $10 off! Alpaca and silk...mmmmmm....can't wait for it to get here :D

In other craft news, I'm in love with Elaine's spinning wheel. I spin and ply whenever I have a chance and I am just so proud and happy with the results. I do indeed love it much more than spinning with my spindle :D I took some yarn single I made, set and made into a center-pull ball and I plied it with some alpaca I just spun and it's just a delight. I should give it away to my spin to knit swap partner because I have nothing else spun up right now, but...I just love it sooooo much, I wanna keep it :)

In other spinning news, I heard from the Wooly Knob fiber mill on Friday and my fiber is done being processed and should be on it's way back to me this week sometime. YAY! I sent it in September, lol...didn't realize it would take this long. But I wanted to use them because 1) two gay boys run it and 2) I got a good recommendation for them and I wanted to make sure I got some decent, spinnable roving back.

sooo...all in all, just putting along in craft land. Next post will be more exciting, I promise :P


  1. It took my hubby nearly a year to figure out how to make socks. There was something he just wasn't getting, then he found a pattern that actually made sense. There's no stopping him now!

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks!! I know I will get it... there's so many different ways to make them... toe up, top down, magic loop, two circulars, dpns, patterns, all the different types of heels and toes! OY!!!

    If I could just get past casting on, I would be pleased with myself at this point :P