Sunday, February 25, 2007

More knitting love

I forgot to include pictures of one other thing I bought at Stitches West. A pattern! I NEVER buy patterns, I'm more an open source for knitting patterns kinda gal...but well, I was in a spending frenzy. And this purse was amazingly beautiful. Stunning, even. I had to have one. So, not only did I buy a pattern, I bought a TEN DOLLAR pattern. Not only did I buy a TEN DOLLAR pattern, I gave them $10 for a receipt for the pattern to be mailed to me because the 10 that they had printed out were already sold. 30 minutes after the show started. Yes, it is really that amazing of a bag :D

Then, I wanted to post two skeins of yarn I got on Friday from my Spin to Knit swap pal. I am just IN LOVE with them both, especially the bamboo. I have wanted to knit a bamboo skein for awhile now, but haven't splurged on any bamboo, so this is a wonderful, special treat :) The second skein is wool and I am just in love with the colors in the yarn :)

And then finally, just because I can, I wanted to share a picture of my new magnetic knife rack :D I am sooo past the knife block and wanted it off my counters, so I got this at Ikea and am quite a happy camper :D I just love how all but one of my knives match, even though the santuko knives are Chicago cutlery, the other large ones are Wustoff and the litte ones and kitchen scissors are from Ikea :D


  1. Sweet knife rack! I used to work in restaurant kitchens (a LOT) and those were the handiest things to have around...
    Love the bag - I'll look forward to seeing you knit it up (when the pattern arrives, of course...)

  2. That is a gorgeous bag, my friend! Can't wait to see it finished!

    I like that knife rack ... I was just thinking that I am sick of my knif block on my counter ... I might have to get one of those!

  3. Lori :) Yes, I am in love with the knife rack already...such a handy thing to have around... clears up the counterspace and easy to grab the knife you need instantly!

    I can't wait to knit the bag either!! *peeking in the mail for the pattern* Nothing yet!

  4. Lia :)

    Definately get the knife rack at Ikea! I had bought one at Bed Bath & Beyond first for $29.99...and then I saw the one at Ikea for $5.99 :| You better believe I took the one back to Bed Bath & Beyond, lol. You could probably find some online as well.