Thursday, January 11, 2007

Recent FOs


I took a picture of the dishcloth I made for my Aunt Diana for Christmas when she opened it. It's perdy :D It's made out of Cottontots, my FAVORITE cotton to make dishcloths out of!

Then, I'm half way through a pair of ruffled wristwarmers. The pattern is from my spiffy new Magic Loop booklet and I made it using the magic loop method! My first Magic Loop FO! *proud*

I'm about half way through the second one....then, I'm sending them off to a friend for a surprise gift :) They're really warm and great for putting under your jacket sleeves to keep the wind out :)


  1. Did you loom or needle knit these? They are absolutely adorable! I love the little ruffle.

  2. needle knit, using the magic loop method. I used one 32" size 2 circular knit picks classics needle :)

    I love the ruffles too! Unfortunately, I had to frog this one because I left it in the bottom of my bag and a pen opened up and leaked black ink all over it :( :(