Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday fondling

After a pretty tough week, I decided I needed to fondle some yarn.

I went to the LYS for which I got several gift cards at Christmas. I started walking around the smallish shop, fondling every skein in sight with the following criterion in my mind:

1) worsted weight or larger, preferrably bulky even. I have waaay too much thin yarn in my stash.

2) Wool or a significant wool blend. I don't really have that much wool and whenever I knit with it, I find it a joyous, springy experience, so I wantes some more.

3) Soft. Duh, of course that one has to be in there somewhere :P You're reading this blog, you shoudl know I'm queen of the tactile-world!

So, I fondled. I squished. I read labels on things of sufficient girth and softness to see what fiber content I was looking at. I fondled and squished some more. When my short trip around the entire store was finished, I had four skeins of yarn in my arms. Huzzah! The week's dreariness and stress forgotten, I grabbed my bag o' bulky wool and left the shop revived and ready for whatever the weekend can throw at me :)

Pictures of the yumminess tomorrow :)

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