Friday, March 09, 2007

Amazing swap packages abound!

I have to say, my two replacement pals in the LiveJournal Secret Pal 3 have REALLY outdone themselves!

I got my third and final package today from iangelofmusici AKA Danielle :D As seems to be the theme with so many people in this swap, I was having a ROYALLY bad day. I mean, so bad I had to take anti-anxiety meds to get through it. And then, what should my lovely office postman bring, but a bright fun puffy package for none other than MOI!


First of all, it was in a really fun puffy envelope with green and purple circles all over it. I am in love with the envelope and it will have to be re-purposed for something crafty and fabulous :)

Upon opening the envelope, what did I see right away? YARN!!!

But not just ANY ol' yarn. Yarn I've been wanting for months and months and months now. Amazingly soft, beautifully colored acrylic and alpaca yarn. Dreamy, take to bed with you yarn :D 2 skeins of Paton's Rumor in Fern Heather - YAY! I am just so unbelieveably excited to get some of this yarn!!! It shall become something this weekend!

After rejoicing about the yarn, I dug in and pulled out two exciting things!

A fraggle rock DVD and an ADORABLE sheep measuring tape!!! The DVD is just beyond beyond's amazing and fantabulous and just spiffy doodle all rolled into one! I've been secretly coveting other people's sheep tape measures when I see them online - I can't believe I have one now! The absolutely cutest thing is it's tail is where you pull the tape out! I just about squealed when I figured that out!!! Okay, maybe I'm easily amused. But I just adore both of these things!!!!

Next, I pulled out an envelope that was kind of bumpy and wriggly. Curious, I opened it to find an adorable rubber ducky card and some beautiful stitch markers!!! They're made out of what appears to be sparkly, glittery buttons and Gah! I am just in LOVE with them!!!!

The entire package was just delightful! Thank you so much, Danielle!!!! Besides being amazing for stepping in and taking over when my pal went MIA, you figured out exactly what I would love and gathered it all together in an adorable envelope. You're just plain amazing!

Thank you thank you thank you, I can't say it enough.


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  1. Pretty yarn! And I like the Fraggle stuff too :)
    I promise I'm going to drag my arse to the Post Office and mail out your pattern sometime this weekend...