Monday, October 16, 2006

Okay, so I don't have a picture to share, because I'm at work. But I'm just so jazzed with myself :) I just finished the first cable round in something I'm making for someone!!!!!

It's my first time even attempting cables and gosh, it's so very easy! I'm sure there are harder cables than 3x3 twisty cable that I'm making, but the item I'm making is literally all cables running up it on all sides, so the twist row is a lot of twists, lol.

I feel very accomplished and excited to finish this bag and show off my kick-ass cables :P


  1. OMG - Mel, did I get your FIRST cables???? I feel so honored! And they are beauteous! You did a really lovely job. I remember how excited I felt when I did a cable swatch for the first time.

    You HAVE to make a Central Park Hoodie. It is easy, and the cables are really pretty. I'll send you the magazine with the pattern.

  2. Yes, your bag was my FIRST cables!!!

    *trumpets blare*

    It was a pleasure to give it away, I was sure you would enjoy it so much I didn't have a choice :P

    I was a little bit late because I was trying to figure out how to get rid of the ladders the yarn made after tha twist and tried a new technique that I obviously got wrong, LOL...because it was a disaster! I had to tink two rows of it took awhile :)

    I can't wait to see the hoodie pattern...maybe it will be my first sweater!