Sunday, September 10, 2006

Picture Pages

I went on a bit of a picture taking spree today :) Hope you enjoy some of them....
1) For someone who is allergic to chocolate and frankly, just doesn't care for the taste, I've been finding an awful lot of these in my shopping cart as of late....

2) Before my back went out and I was off work for a week, I came home one day to find my Butch had left these all over my house....I am so in love *swoon*

3) My printer died about a month ago. I researched my heart out and bought this one to replace it. I'm VERY happy with it thus has two paper trays and also does duplex printing, so it's won me over quite a few times already :)

4) This is the cable bagette I'm making for my sister in her wedding colors on my small gauge wonderloom. Yes, her wedding was a few months ago and yes, I'm only a small part done, but hey! I have more projects than time, so give me some slack :P The lavender in the yarn was the same color as our bridesmaid gowns and the other color in her wedding was brown, so it's just a perfect reminder of her wedding day, in my opinion :)

5) This is a project I started at random one day, when I was bored and didn't feel like working on any of my already-started projects. It's going to be a bag, I think, with a flap on the top. I love the yarn colors, which is odd since I usually shy away from blues...but they're just so striking :)

6) I realized the other day that my mother's birthday was in a few weeks and I should get something made for her. I stopped by my LYS with my son and he picked out some brilliant red yarn for her gift. It's soooo soft! Merino wool and silk blend *texture swoon*

I got a few other things too, while I was there :) The blue was on sale and my son said he wanted something made out of it. I got some new circulars for the red yarn and I bought some DPNs for making Icord...I tried on a circular, but it was just a pain in my arse. I had already started my mom's scarf on the circulars when I decided to take a picture, so you get to have an action shot :P

7) This is the stitch pattern I'm using with the red yarn above for my mother's present. It's going to be a scarf. I'm 24 rows into it now, that's 2 pattern repeats, and it's soooooo beautiful. She's gonna be amazed and's my first time doing anything remotely lacy, so I'm pretty jazzed with myself ;)

It's a pattern from "The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches."

I'm done overloading my blog with pictures now for awhile :D


  1. Christina6:51 PM

    Good luck with the lace! I often admire lace patterns, try lace patterns, and give up on lace patterns. I often do not have the attention span for it.

    I look forward to seeing that "baguette" completed...I love pairing purple and brown!

  2. Hi Christina :)

    Yeah, I don't know if I could do "real" lace patterns, but this is just a regular, easy lacy looking pattern :) It's all knit and perl with a few yarn overs and Perl two together now and then...and magically, it comes out all beautiful and lacy :)

    I think she's gonna LOVE it...I can't wait to be done but my knitting time has been severely limited lately *sigh* Her birthday was on the 21st and I'm maybe 1/3 of the way done, lol...

    Yes, the "baguette" needs to get done as well. The pattern designer just updated the pattern, so I need to see what changes she made and if I want to incorporate the changes into my already started project or not. Ah well, we'll see :)