Monday, October 27, 2008

Despite how it may seem...

I have been being crafty! I am almost done with my green sweater-turned blanket-turned back into sweater :) I have about 2/3 of an arm left to go and then voila! I shall have my first sweater :) I also have almost a whole bootie knit and a swatch for a tank top. Of course, now that it's fall and summer is over, I'm not as motivated to knit a tank top, lol. I am hankering to start on a pair of fingerless gloves! My office is ridiculously cold (and this is coming from a woman who is always the "hot" one in a crowd!) and my hands cramp up and I can't type unless I have some sort of hand-covering :)

I also carved a pumpkin with my sweetie two nights ago! My sketch on the paper looked very spooky and menacing and then, transferred to pumpkin, it just looks jolly and Asian : Sweetie and I have taken to calling it Jackie Chano' lantern :)

Craftiness is still very much around me...I just had my camera stolen a few weeks back and so I can't take pictures of stuff right now and really, what's a cool crafty blog post without pictures?!

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