Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My Mr. Greenjeans sweater is still in the works, although TOTALLY different and customized and about twenty sizes too large. but I shall finish it, I shall :) I just need to do sleeves and button placket and then it shall be done.

In the meantime, I just made the cutest little orange hair kerchief with a dark green stripe at the front (can you say "I ran out of orange before casting off"? LOL). I wanted it for driving around this summer in my sweetie's car that is without air conditioning. My hair flys around and get all knotted up (the curse of curly hair!) and I thought wearing this would keep things in place until we get wherever we're going.

Well, it's ADORABLE! I need to make more! I think I look totally adorable in it, with my short hair curling out around the edges and framing my face, while all the annoying hair bits aren't on my face or tickling my ears and I just think it's adorable :)

I am quite picky about how things look on me, so you know it must be cute if I'm gushing this much :P

But I cast on for a quicky little rectangle bath mit/glove thingie for my son. I'm hoping that if it is something that he can stick his hand into, he will actually wash himself instead of just playing in the tub.

Can you tell I am doing lots of quick, easy fun things to give myself a break from the ginormous sweater? hehe.

Oh! And I joined SP 12, so look for all kinds of Secret Pal tom foolery to appear over the next few months :)

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