Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bad blogger

It's cold.

No, It's really cold. For's COLD. I have a heater going under my desk and my big heavy wool coat on and cords and hig heavy socks and...I'm COLD.


I am taking life in stride...which is surprising me. The ex wife and I observed a special ed class for the boy to go to yesterday morning. In a lot of ways, it was just a regular classroom...but it was also a SPECIAL ED class...only a few students, several teachers....and it scared the heck out of me that my boy will be in that classroom.

He starts on Monday.

Actually, it's a really great, mild classroom and they follow the school district curriculum, so he will still get his education and learn what he needs to learn. Yeah, it's a special ed class, but they were adding and subtracting when we observed...and the boy can barely count to 30 : He'll have some catching up to do educationally, but I think he'll like it. He said he thought the school looked a lot better than his current school and he was excited to start there next week.

I hope it goes well.


Not a lot of knitting has been happening...which isn't a good thing, because I have to finish the hot pink scarf of doom for my aunt! That's the last present I have to make...unless I somehow whip it out and am able to make her the matching hat I wanted to make her :)

I'm stalled on my Mr. Greenjeans sweater because my needle broke and then I got into holiday knitting and haven't gotten a new needle yet. But, after christmas...yes! I'm up to where I start the cables on the body, so hopefully it will wiz by and I'll have a groovy new sweater to wear in 2008 :)

I also REALLY REALLY want to make myself this hat :D

Click on the picture for the pattern :) I will, of course, make it in orange alpaca with brown trim.


Did I mention I'm cold? :D

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