Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Great minds think alike....

Well, I have been CRAZY busy with my company's move...but I finally finished my One Skein secret pal's project...yay!

It doesn't look like much, but it was a BIG accomplishment for me...first time using needles in 8+ years, first FO ever...first time using circular needles, increasing/decreasing, creating eyelets, making Icord...I frogged a lot, but it got done and I sent it off today in all it's splendor, lol. I'm sure my secret buddy will be dissapointed by it, lol...but it was a big accomplishment to me :)

I got MY secret pal's gift a week or two ago and it ROCKS, as usual :) I swear, I just got the most amazing Pal :D *happy glow*

She made me a green bag, very similar to the one I made, just loads better and bigger :D Inside, there were Wizard of Oz stickers and magnets and little goodies *happy dance* it was such a great suprise. She included the rest of her ball of yarn it was made from, so I have this gorgeous green, super soft yarn to do something with now...I just like to sit and pet it :) She finished the icord with two beautiful beads, as well....just such a lovely present :) Wouldn't you agree??

Here they are side by side, so you can see my secret pal's obviously better knitting skill...but I still ike my dorky little bag and hey! Great minds think alike ;)


  1. Christina11:34 AM

    Your bag looks great, Melinda! I don't think it dorky at all! Because knitting is anything but dorky! ;)

    I like how you make the cord a handle by attaching the ends...nice touch!

    I'm glad you liked your gift...funny how we thought of the same thing! Guess that's why we were paired!

  2. Being the recipient of the bag, I must say it is definitely not dorky. Thank you so much! I loved all the goodies. Sorry it took so long to say thanks! I'm posting pics of everything now!

  3. Awww, I'm glad you liked it!